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October 19 2017

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Anna Fisher, astronaut, on the cover of Life magazine in 1985.
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October 18 2017

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Chicken vs. Apple
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Art by ZeroMayhem (me)

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Nearly every Romantic Comedy on Netflix Starterpack
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Tetris Car easteregg
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Sax without a Sax
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Back in 2009 the Internet wasn't full of self-righteous retards on an endless crusade for social justice. 
When these retards arrived many people tried to have an actual discussion with them. Maybe they had a valid point? Maybe there was a middle ground or a compromise we could reach? Yet, every attempt seemed to ended on a words "Nazi" and "Islamophobe" (or whatever other -phobe was appropriate). It didn't matter whether historical or scientific sources were used. It didn't matter that the other side was open to arguments as long as these had an actual ground in reality.
Some figured that if no arguments work and if all the discussions go nowhere - then why not try go all the way? It's way more fun and you get to annoy the self-righteous retards merely by existing or by posting stuff you feel it's funny anyway. Why feel bad about anything if you're the bad guy anyway?
This actually evens the play fields and makes us all equal, since this is the exact same approach that the social justice police uses - putting your own views and believes before the ones of the other people. The freedom one gets this way is amazing - you can talk about anything, no matter how controversial and no matter how offensive. You can even start a conversation by telling the other dude to fuck off with his self-righteous bullshit.
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